The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Signs

The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Signs - goprintplus

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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Signs

In the lead-up to your wedding, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the most important ones is picking out the perfect wedding signs. From seating arrangements to directional signage and everything in between, there's a sign for every purpose. To help you narrow down your options and find the right signs for your big day, here's an ultimate guide on what you need to know about wedding signs.

Types of Wedding Signs

When it comes to choosing wedding signs, there are several different types to consider. Here are some of the most popular types of signs that many couples use at their weddings:

Seating Charts

Every wedding needs a seating chart so that guests know which table they're assigned to. A seating chart can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like—it all depends on your preferences and budget. For a modern look, opt for an acrylic seating chart with calligraphy names written directly onto it. If you're going for something more traditional, then choose a framed paper seating chart instead.

Directional Signage

It's good practice to have directional signage set up around your venue so guests can easily find their way from one area to another without getting lost or confused. Directional signage can also come in handy if you've got multiple events happening at once (such as a cocktail hour and reception). Consider having arrows pointing in different directions that include words like “Cocktail Hour” or “Reception” so guests know where they need to go next!

Welcome Signs & Table Numbers

There's no better way to make your guests feel welcome than with delicately crafted welcome signs and table numbers placed strategically around your venue. You can choose from wood signs, acrylic designs, chalkboard styles - whatever suits your theme! And if you want something truly special, why not create personalized table numbers with photos of you and your partner?

Menu Cards & Bar Signs

If you're having a sit-down dinner, then don't forget about menu cards! They're great for letting guests know what delicious dishes will be served throughout the night. And if you're having an open bar at your reception, then consider having bar signs that list all the available drinks so everyone knows what beverages they can order from the bartender!

Choosing wedding signs is no small task—there are so many different types out there that it can be overwhelming trying to pick just one! But by following this ultimate guide on what you need to know about wedding signs, hopefully you'll have an easier time deciding which ones are right for your big day. Each type of sign has its own unique purpose and should be used accordingly in order for everything in your venue layout plan to flow smoothly! Good luck!